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Specializing in the manufacture of complex cases, machined components and assemblies ranging in size from 15" to 128" (381 mm to 3,251 mm), Flanagan Industries utilizes innovative techniques and technologies that ensures every part we make is manufactured to the highest standards and to exacting tolerances. With over 100,000 square feet in two locations in Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA, we are flexible, responsive and uniquely structured to meet the challenging demands of our customers in all facets of the global aerospace market.

World-Class Solutions from a World-Class Supplier

Solving the challenges facing our customers is our most important concern. For excellence in every aspect of your next project, contact Flanagan Industries and experience exceptional service from a true world-class supplier.




Green Power Comes To Flanagan Industries

Flanagan Industries Cogeneration Project

Flanagan Industries is proud to announce that we have undertaken a major "green" initiative with the installation of our own cogeneration power equipment. We are currently producing 100% of our electrical needs as well as recycling the power by-products for our heating and cooling requirements. As an added benefit, we are able to sell back all of our surplus power to the utility company during peak demands. In addition to benefiting the environment, there are tremendous cost savings which help us to remain competitive in the global economy.

Our new 50,000 sq/ft facility

Our New Facility



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